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Clinical studies about lipocryolysis

Find below some studies conducted and published about lipocryolysis revolutionary technology used by LIPOCRYO device:

1- A study to evaluate the action of lipocryolysis

2-Evaluation of adipocytic changes after a simil-lipocryolysis

3- Adverse effects of lipocryolysis

Other studies:

-Pinto H, Pardine E, Ricart-Jané D. X-Ray Diffraction analysis confirms intra-adipocitary lipid crystallization after a lipocryolysis-like stimulus. Cryoletters 2013; 34 (6): 619-23

-Pinto H, Ricart-Jané D, Pardine E. Remnant adipocytes are still capable of lipocryolysis after a lipocryolysis like stimulus. REVIEW

-Pinto H, Ricart-Jané D, Pardine E. Cooling speed is determinant in lipocryolysis  adipocyte destruction. For SUBMISSION

-Vidal R, Segura L, Vergara P, Pinto H. Adverse effects of lipocryolysis. Analysisof 28 cases Eur Jour Aest Med Derm. 2014 ACCEPTED